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Use of Concept Mapping in Student Evaluation
Principal investigator, part time (Sep 2007 - Nov 2008)
University of Otago Wellington, New Zealand


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Homepage image of the website for the concept mapping training

I investigated how to incorporate automated assessment of concept maps in a postgraduate teaching program delivered at a distance. To achieve so, I devised a case study that included

  • Design and delivery of an online concept mapping training to instruct Aviation Medicine masters students
  • Literature review on medical education and concept mapping and automated assessment of concept maps
  • Task analysis of the process of evaluating concept maps online

The instruction design, synchronous and asynchronous communication tools, the students' learning interactions with concept mapping, my interactions with the lecturer, and the lecturer’s interactions with his students, and the evaluation process of the lecturer were all evaluated to answer the research question an supported with the outcomes of the literature review.

This project was funded through an Otago University E-learning Enhancement Grant

Publications and conference presentations

Gomez, G. Griffiths, R. Navathé, P. (2014). ‘Concepts maps as replacements of written essays in efficient assessment of complex medical knowledge’, In Shedletsky, L. Beaudry, J. (Eds.), Cases on Teaching Critical Thinking through Visual Representation Strategies, Hershey: Information Science Reference / IGI Global. Find at & read snapshot at

Gomez, G. (2008). Use of concept maps for student assessment in an aviation medicine graduate programme (Final report for Dr Rob Griffiths and for the CALT Grant Committee). 136 p. New Zealand: University of Otago.

Gomez, G. and Griffiths, R. (2008) Automated Assessment of Concept Maps representing Conceptual Understanding, Spotlight on Tertiary Teaching and Learning Conference, November 19 - 20, University of Otago Dunedin, New Zealand.