Gloria Gomez, PhD / interaction and visual designer / about me

CmapTools Website
Visual and interface designer, full time (2003)
Institute for Human and Machine Cognition - IHMC
United States


cmaptools template screen Link to the actual concept map on Resource Links in CmapTools

Click on the image to access the original map at the CmapTools website


I analysed the anatomical structure of concept maps and applied graphic design principles to their visual appeareance according to the results of this analysis. The templates used in the CmapTools website are a practical example of this work and can also be browsed individually in the documentation page of the the same website.


I posted further insights on the underpinning information that went into designing these templates in the Anthrodesign list. My post "A practical experience with Tufte's work" contributed to a discussion titled: "A book waiting to be written" and is dated Oct 6 2008.