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Publication List (incomplete)

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Sorted by project, I have published two book chapters (*), one journal article (Spanish), eight refereed conference papers (co-authored 4), one poster paper, one research report, five technical reports (co-authored 2), and one electronic paper (invited submission).


Issues in preschool concept mapping: an interaction design perspective

*Gomez, G. (c2010). Enhancing autonomy, meaning negotiation, and active inquiry in preschool concept mapping. In P. Lupion-Torres & R. C. Veiga-Marriott (Eds.), Handbook of Research on Collaborative Learning using Concept Mapping (pp. 383-401). Hershey: Information Science Reference.

Gomez, G. (2010). Concept mapping with 3- to 6-year olds to support meaningful learning.Childforum (electronic resource) (Invited submission)

Gomez, G. (2006). An authoring concept mapping kit for the early childhood classroom. In Proc. of the Second International Conference on Concept Mapping, Vol. 1 pp 32-38, San José, Costa Rica.

Gomez, G. (2005b, July 16 - 19). Young children’s use of a voice-input device to transform their symbolic maps into concept maps [Electronic Version]. Paper presented at the Conference Our Children the Future 4 - OCTF 4.

Gomez, G. (2005, February 17 - 18). Factors in designing concept mapping tool for 3-to-5 year olds. In Proc. of the University of Queensland Interaction Design Postgraduate Students Conf., pp. 45-48. Brisbane, Australia.


Bridging design prototype approach and the online study experience

Gomez, G & Tamblyn, R (2012, Jan 12-14). Product development in a small IT firm: an interaction design perspective. In Proc. of PIN-C 2012 – Participatory Innovation Conference. Melbourne, Australia. Download from

‘Enhancing the Online Study Experience in Postgraduate Medical Education’, Accepted poster abstract, the Distance Education Association of New Zealand (DEANZ) Conference 2012, Apr 11 – 13, 2012. Download from:


Bridging design prototype approach and preschool concept mapping

Gomez, G. (2009, July 6 -7). Gaining entry to real settings with a bridging design prototype. In Proc. of the 10th International Conference NZ Chapter of the ACM's Special Interest Group on Human-Computer Interaction, pp. 17-20. Auckland, New Zealand.

Gomez, G. (2007, April 28 - May 3). A bridging design prototype for investigating concept mapping in the preschool community. In CHI '07 extended abstracts on Human factors in computing systems, pp. 1747-1752, San Jose, CA, USA.


Designing social inclusive resources

Gomez, G. (2010, Oct 27). Designing socially inclusive educational resources. Poster paper in Proc. of the GLIDE10 – Global Interactions in Design Conference


Use of concept mapping in student evaluations

Gomez, G. (2008). Use of concept maps for student assessment in an aviation medicine graduate programme (Final report for the CALT Grant Committee). 136 p. New Zealand: University of Otago


IHMC CmapTools project

Gomez, G. (2004). CmapTools version 3 graphic interface guidelines, version 1.0 (Technical document for software programmers), 33 p. Pensacola, FL USA: Institute for Human and Machine Cognition - IHMC.

Cañas, A. J., Hill, G., Carff, R., Suri, N., Lott, J., Eskridge, T., et al. (2004). CmapTools: a knowledge modeling and sharing environment. In Proceedings of the First International Conference on Concept Mapping, Pamplona, Spain.


Proyecto Ludomática y La Ciudad Fantástica, LIDIE laboratory

Gomez-Escobar, G. E. (2000, Mayo 29-31). Diseño gráfico de ambientes de aprendizaje para niños y niñas del Proyecto Ludómatica [Electronic Version], Paper presented at V Congreso Colombiano de Informática Educativa, 12p. Bucaramanga, Colombia. (Spanish)

Gomez, G. E., Bejarano, G., Díaz, M. L., Mariño, O., Trech, M., Vega, G., et al. (2000). Diseño de los personajes exploradores de La Ciudad Fantástica (Technical report No. INF-00-02), 18p. Santafé de Bogotá, DC: Universidad de Los Andes, LIDIE. (Spanish)

Escobar, G. (2000, June 26 - July 1). How to be innovative designing educational and interactive environments for children. Paper presented at the World Conference on Education Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications 2000, pp. 1814-1815, Montreal, Canada.

Gomez-Escobar, G. E. (1999). Propuesta de evaluación de experto en comunicaciones para el software Ciudad Fantástica (Technical Document), 14p. Santafé de Bogotá: Universidad de Los Andes, LIDIE. (Spanish)

Gomez-Escobar, G. E. (1999). Diseño gráfico para ambientes educativos e interactivo para los niños y niñas del Proyecto Ludomática. Revista de Informática Educativa UNIANDES - LIDIE, 12(2), 213 - 226. (Spanish)

Díaz, M. L., & Gómez, G. E. (1999). Diseño visual de La Ciudad Fantástica (Technical Report No. INF-99-01), 25p. Santafé de Bogotá: Universidad de Los Andes, LIDIE. (Spanish)


Undergraduate research

*Gomez, G., Valencia, M., & others. (1999). Juego de roles vecinos y parientes, exploradores de la cultura: un proyecto colaborativo. In C. Pregnan, J. Sequeida, P. Leiva, P. Zanocco & L. Carvajal (Eds.), Juego, Aprendizaje y Creatividad (pp. 350). Santiago, Chile: Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Facultad de Educacion. (Spanish)

Gomez, G., Valencia, M., & others. (1997). Juego de roles vecinos y parientes, exploradores de la cultura: un proyecto colaborativo. Paper presented at Jornadas de Investigación 1997-1998, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana -UPB Dirección General de Investigaciones, Medellin, Colombia. (Spanish)



‘Media Review of Glide’10: Global Interactions in Design’, Indigo - an Icograda led initiative


Conference presentations (accepted refereed abstracts)

‘Designing socially inclusive educational products’, Every Body In: Disability Studies Conference, University of Otago, New Zealand, Nov 27 – 31, 2011

‘Getting ready for Otago: online guided –discovery resources to enhance the first year experience,’ Tertiary Education Research in New Zealand - TERNZ Conference, Nov 25 - 26, 2010

‘An authoring concept mapping tool for representing conceptual knowledge in the preschool classroom,’ 11th New Zealand Early Childhood Research Conference, Jan 22 - 23, 200

‘Automated assessment of concept maps representing conceptual understanding,’ Spotlight on Tertiary Teaching and Learning Colloquium, University of Otago, New Zealand Nov 19 - 20, 2008