Gloria Gomez, PhD / interaction and visual designer / about me

LIDIE Multimedia Projects
Visual and interface designer, full time (1999 - 2001)
Laboratorio de Investigación y Desarrollo sobre Informática en Educación- LIDIE Laboratory
Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia

screenshots of LIDIE laboratory interactives Link to the description of the Enigmatica Interactive Report Link to the description of the International Information Technologies Showcase project Link to description of LIDIE Laboratory 1999 Website Link to description of the IVEN Colombia science learning modules

Click on each image to see a description and/or interactive of the project

I designed the visuals and interactions of a variety of educational products furthering LIDIE’s research theme, which were then implemented by members of our programming team. Among others,

  • Enigmatica Interactive Report (top left), developed in Flash
  • 1999 LIDIE Website (bottom left), developed in php
  • International Information Technologies Showcase (top right), developed in JAVA, and
  • IVEN Colombia Science Learning Modules(bottom right), developed in Dreamweaver