Gloria Gomez, PhD / interaction and visual designer / about me

OB3 - the web app for online academic study
Strategic consultant on interaction and educational design, (Aug 2012 - Present)
Research consultant (April 2010 - July 2012)
OceanBrowser Ltd., New Zealand

ob3 - importing content

Image illustrating features for creating and editing content in OB3 v1

I am researching and conceptualising the philosophical approach informing the design and development of OB3 - a web applicaion supporting lecturers and students in their experience of online academic study. Specifically I am working on the activities involved in the study cycle which starts with gathering information and finalises with delivery of materials for assessment or sharing.

This application is designed for time starved medical educators and students, to efficiently and effectively create sleek and media-rich online study documents. We claim that a document can be put together in less than 60 minutes using the same computer skills required for operating Microsoft Word, internet browsers, and email.

The OB3 documents can contain interactive objects, video, audio-recordings, text, and images. These can be edited, updated by you, or anyone you share the documents with, anytime, anywhere. The help of a technology specialist is not required.

Share your study comments with peers and students and keep discussions going from your desktop or laptop computer, smartphone, and/or tablet. OB3 enables you to make comments on every paragraph, section, video, diagram, audiorecording in the study document. All the comments appear in context and are notified via email.

OB3 is NOT a learning management system (LMS) and DOES NOT replicate feature set of traditional LMS systems. It complements/extends existing LMS solutions for customers who already have one. For instance, OB3 documents have URLs that can be embedded in other systems.


Researching the online study issues and offering solutions through design

OceanBrowser Ltd is behind the research and development of OB3 and has been working for many years with institutes and departments within medical schools in Australia and New Zealand, assisting in the delivery of postgraduate online medical education. OB3 web app is so far the result of a three-year research and design process with the close involvement of our existing postgraduate medical education customers. The inclusive and participatory Bridging Design Prototype (BDP) process guides the development of OB3, enabling us to create easier and productive ways to achieve the goal of supporting the online study cycle well.

OB3 web app differentiates from other visual learning environments (VLEs) in HOW integrates all features together to favoring cognitive workflow during study activities. By cognitive workflow we mean easy transition from one activity to the next without great mental or intellectual effort or high time investment. OB3 supports the performance of people’s university study skills (also called metacognitive skills) within a distributed network of online learners, and does so, through sensible visual and interaction design. See Gomez and Tamblyn (2012b) to learn more about the underpinning research and the BDP process.



Gomez, G & Tamblyn, R (2012, Jan 12-14). Product development in a small IT firm: an interaction design perspective. In Proc. of PIN-C 2012 – Participatory Innovation Conference. Melbourne, Australia.

Gomez, G & Tamblyn, R (2012, Apr 11–13, 2012).‘Enhancing the Online Study Experience in Postgraduate Medical Education’, Accepted poster abstract, the Distance Education Association of New Zealand (DEANZ) Conference.


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