Gloria Gomez, PhD / interaction and visual designer / about me

The Otago Teaching Profile (OTP) Booklet
Visual and Educational designer, June - December 2010
Clients: Higher Education Development Centre - HEDC, University of Otago
Dunedin, New Zealand

Cover Otago Teaching Profile

The OTP booklet guides Otago academic staff members in the process of putting together their own research and teaching Profile, which in turn will be used for the process of confirmation path and academic promotion.

Access the latest OTP that is often updated by design and non-design members of HEDC. The original document has been developed in Microsoft Word to facilitate self-publishig so the responsible academics for its content can do it in the original document.

It was produced in 120 hours and involved the content re-development and visual design of the 2005 OTP version. The objective was to make the guidelines more accessible and understandable. Five new academic staff offered feedback on its design in late 2010 and before it was made available.

This projects is part of Educational Design Projects at Otago


Point of contact at HEDC: Dr Sarah Stein – Academic Staff Development.

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