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Gomez's research and teaching


  • UX/UI design: human-centred design with Bridging Design Prototypes
  • Design for business related to early product development in SMEs
  • Interaction design related to teaching and learning technologies
  • User groups and user behaviours




OB3 - Beautiful Study for Lifelong Learning

Recent publications:

  • Gomez, G., Daellenbach, R., Davies, L., Kensington, M., & Petsoglou, C. (2022). Students and teachers co-designing media-rich document resources in an asynchronous virtual personal learning environment. Presented at INTED22, Valencia, Spain.
  • Gomez, G. & Petsoglou, C. (2021). OB3 media-rich documents with embedded discussions: Lifting learning performance and engagement through interaction design. Presented at FLANZ 2021: Flexible Learning Association of New Zealand.
  • Contreras, V., Gómez G. Navarro-Newball, A. (2019). Towards the gamification of assistive technology for professionals with severe impairments. Presented at 2019 International Conference on Virtual Reality and Visualization (ICVRV).




Gomez' BDP in preschool

Bridging Design Prototypes™

Designing socially inclusive products

Preschool concept mapping: an interaction design perspective

List of current and past research projects

Recent publications:




Ciudad Fantastica Screens

Educational design projects

Cmaptools software

Cmaptools website

LIDIE multimedia projects

La Ciudad Fantastica Game

Early work as undergraduate design student

Key publications

  • Cañas, A. J., Hill G., Carff R. , Suri N., Lott J., Eskridge T., Gómez G., Arroyo M., Carvajal R. (2004) CmapTools: A Knowledge Modeling and Sharing Environment. Paper presented at the First International Conference on Concept Mapping, Universidad Pública de Navarra: Pamplona, Spain.
  • Gomez, G. (1999). Diseño gráfico para ambientes de aprendizaje interactivos para niños y niñas del Proyecto Ludomática. Revista de Informática Educativa, Vol 12(2), Noviembre, Santafé de Bogotá, 213 - 226.
  • Gomez, G. , Bejarano, G., Díaz, M. L., Mariño, O. Trech, M, Vega, G. Zuluaga, J.C. (2000). Diseño de los Personajes Exploradores de la Ciudad Fantástica: Avance de documento técnico INF-00-02, Versión 1.0
  • Gomez, G., Valencia, M., et al. (1999). Juego de roles vecinos y parientes, exploradores de la cultura: un proyecto colaborativo. In C. Pregnan, J. Sequeida, P. Leiva, P. Zanocco & L. Carvajal (Eds.), Juego, Aprendizaje y Creatividad (pp. 350). Santiago, Chile: Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Facultad de Educacion.


Gomez's teaching

Gomez's student exhibition

  • Current roles: supervision of postgraduate students in the areas of visual design, inclusive design, social design, and online medical education.
  • Previous roles: teaching and supervision of master students of mixed engineering and design backgrounds on human-centred design methods including the Bridging Design Prototype approach.





Talk "Community-centred design: Innovating with learners and educators using Bridging Design Prototypes". Ulearn22, October 12, Core Education


Ponencia "Bridging Design Prototype”: Fortalecimiento del Rol del Diseño como Recurso Estratégico en Organizaciones Pequeñas". Presentada el Congreso (Virtual) de Enseñanza del Diseño 2022


ePoster Presentation Human-centred design with Bridging Design Prototypes, Ditial Health Week 2022, Digital Health & Informatics Network, 15 - 17 February 2022, University of Sydney, Australia


Online discussion on the paper "Bridging Design Prototypes and Autonomous Design" hosted by the Design Literacy International Network. Access to announcement and video recording here


Authored paper titled "Reflecting how the Bridging Design Prototype approach could contribute to the concept of Autonomía". Presented at Pivot 2020: Designing a world of many centers,New Orleans,USA. Link to full paper


Presenting at Festival de La Imagen 2020, co-authored a poster

Co-authored poster with Vaslak Rojas titled "Adaptando metodologías de diseño industrial para el desarrollo de ayudas técnicas inclusivas para la diversidad funcional". Presented virtually at Festival de La Imagen 2020, Caldas, Colombia.


Co-authored paper with Sarah Wakes titled "A framework to support inclusive design teaching and product evaluation: application in overcoming barriers in food preparation for elderly visual impaired people" . Presented virtually at the Designing of Inclusive Learning Experience Conference, Italy, 2019.


Gomez's at AAL2015

Coral Session on User Centric Design, 2015 Active and Assisted Living (AAL) Forum in Belgium


Gomez's at DesignDays 2015

Panel member at 2015 EU Design Days in Belgium


Gomez's at Abira 2013

Speaker at ABIRA 2013 organised by Instituto Tecnologico Metropolitano in Colombia



SDEO article on EU proposal




Contact me: gloria [at] gloriagomez [dot] com
Last updated: 23 January, 2023